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Small donations (something you can carry yourself) can be dropped off at our warehouse (5643 N. 52nd Ave; Glendale, AZ 85301) during normal business hours (M-F 10-3p). For larger donations (something you'd need a truck for or that you'd like us to help you carry) we ask that you schedule a donation drop off time with us so we can make sure we're able to assist you. You may schedule a donation drop off by emailing or by calling us at 623-934-3274. Donation pick-ups must be scheduled a week in advance. We do not accept pre-packed, sealed boxes as donations. If you want to host a packing event on your own, please contact us for guidance first. Please ensure food and hygiene items are separated prior to donation. Find a local Phoenix donation drop site here.

For the health and safety of our military heroes, please check expiration dates prior to donating. Items donated should not expire within the 6-month period following donation.

Download a pdf version of our 2019 Troop Wish List here!


denotes a "most needed" item


Travel-sized, individually-wrapped items are the most helpful for our troops.

  • Canned soup and entrees – small cans with easy-open tops

  • Individual pouches of tuna, chicken, turkey, beef, salmon

  • Top Ramen, macaroni and cheese – small, individual servings

  • Instant oatmeal – individual packets

  • Jelly – squeezable, in small, individual plastic containers

  • Peanut butter – in small plastic containers (to-go sizes are great!)

  • Slim Jims – all sizes

  • Beef Jerky – individual packs, approximately 2-5 oz

  • Nuts & dried fruit – cashews, peanuts, corn nuts, sunflower seeds, trail mix in individual packets, freeze-dried apples/mangos/etc.

  • Granola, protein and energy bars

  • 6-packs of crackers or cookies

  • Snack bags of crackers, cookies, pretzels, etc. - please, no chips

  • Saltines or Ritz crackers

  • Girl Scout cookies/cookies in small boxes

  • Pop Tarts

  • Popcorn

  • Rice Krispies Treats

  • Fruit snacks – individual size

  • Gum

  • Mints

  • Drink mix singles – Crystal Lite, Gatorade, Coffee/Tea, etc.

  • Coffee – ground, vacuum packed, K-cups, or cans 1 pound or smaller

  • Tea bags – individually wrapped

  • Hot chocolate packets

  • Condiment packets – hot sauce, mustard, relish, ketchup, mayonnaise, creamer, sugar, salt & pepper, sweetener, etc.

  • Tabasco and hot sauce – 2 oz size 

  • Dried spices 

  • Fitness supplements- protein powder, bar, pre-workout 


Travel-sized, individually-wrapped items are the most helpful for our troops.

*Please note that we cannot ship aerosol cans

  • Foot powder – 1-3 oz

  • Baby powder

  • Eye drops

  • Lip balm

  • Sunscreen – 6-8 oz

  • Deodorant and/or antiperspirant – stick or roll on, please no aerosol cans

  • Lotion, hand cream, face cream – 1-5 oz

  • Shampoo and conditioner – travel size

  • Body wash and liquid soap – travel size

  • Ethnic/coarse hair products

  • Hand sanitizer – 2-8 oz

  • Insect repellent – please no aerosol cans

  • Wet wipes (unscented) – packs of 60 or fewer

  • Toilet paper – individually wrapped

  • Tissue Packs – travel size

  • Feminine hygiene products – tampons, pads, etc.

  • Disposable razors

  • Shaving cream – please no aerosol cans

  • Toothbrushes – individually packaged

  • Toothpaste – travel size

  • Dental floss and disposable handheld flossers

  • Band-Aids

  • Dryer sheets

  • Boot Socks, black, brand name – adult sizes

  • T-shirts – adult sizes

  • Boxer shorts – adult sizes

  • Helmet liners

  • Cool neckties 

  • Hair ties for female soldiers in natural hair colors: blonde, brown, black

  • Cheap plastic flip flops in different sizes, to be used as shower shoes

  • Hanging fly paper rolls

Recreation & Entertainment

  • Paperback books

  • Magazines

  • CDs or music download gift cards

  • DVDs or movie download gift cards

  • Travel-size board games, puzzles, models, dominoes, etc.

  • Electronic handheld games – poker, solitaire, etc.

  • Puzzle books – crossword, Sudoku, word search, etc.

  • Sports equipment and nets – ping pong, golf, basketball, baseball, etc.

  • Video game consoles, controllers, and games

  • Batteries

  • Power packs/banks

  • All-in-one Travel adaptor  

  • Small stuffed animals, beanie baby sized

  • Phone charging cables (Apple and Android) 

Packages For Hope

  • Washcloths – new

  • Toothbrushes – individually packaged

  • Toothpaste – travel size

  • Soap bar

  • Shampoo and conditioner 

  • Lotion – travel size

  • Disposable razors

  • Deodorant or antiperspirant – stick or roll on, please no aerosol cans

  • Lip Balm

  • Brushes and Combs – travel size or foldable

  • Cotton balls – individually packaged or travel size containers

  • Q-tips – individually packaged or travel size containers

  • Alcohol swabs – individually sealed

  • Band-aids

  • Boxers and Briefs – new in original packaging, both men and women, various sizes

  • Socks - new in original packaging, both men and women, various sizes

  • Tampons and pads

  • Nail Clippers – new in original packaging

  • Sewing Kits

  • Shower Caps

  • Fungal Cream – travel size 

Bones From Home

*Please note that Military Working Dogs are 70+ pounds and may only use products made in the U.S.A.


  • Canine ear cleaner

  • Canine eye wash

  • Canine antiseptic spray

  • Paw pad cream

  • Canine lotion

  • Canine shampoo – mild, not heavily-fragranced, with an oatmeal base for dry/sensitive skin

  • Canine bath wipes

  • Grooming tools – brushes, combs, nail clippers, etc.

  • Canine booties

  • Collapsible water bowls

  • 4-6 ft. leashes and collars – strong enough for a 70+ pound canine

  • Muzzles – strong enough for a 70+ pound canine

  • Durable toys – Kong or Dogzilla

  • Small bags of high-quality dog food – 1-2 pound bags, made in the U.S.A. 


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