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Packages For Hope | A Packages From Home program


For countless soldiers, their service doesn’t end when they get back home. Many veterans are struggling to transition back to “normal” life, are at-risk, or are even homeless. That’s why we partnered with veteran organizations to help these veterans access the food, hygiene, and fun they need to live healthier, happier lives.

Packages For Hope was started in 2012 as a way to show that charity truly can start at home. We send care and comfort items to our local veteran communities as a way to show that their service will never be forgotten. 

Packages From Home works directly with the PTSD Foundation of America, Arizona Department of Veterans Affairs (VA),  and other military support non-profits throughout the country to provide food and hygiene items to veterans who are in need.


Packages From Home also provides thousands of hygiene kits to the annual Maricopa County StandDown, the Glendale Stand Up for Veterans, and other veteran-support events that provide needed products and services to thousands of homeless and at-risk veterans every year.

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