maricopa county standdown 2020

URGENT Volunteer Call

Packages From Home is in need of volunteers to hand out food, hygiene, and service animal items to U.S. Military veterans Thursday and Friday at the Maricopa County Standdown. See flyer for more information about the Standdown. Click on flyer to enlarge.  

Scroll down to see volunteer shift schedule, registration and more information about volunteering at this event with Packages From Home!

Event & Venue Information

Parking for this event is free of charge.  Please let the person at the entry booth know you are there for Standdown.  Parking for Service Providers is on the north side of the coliseum.  You are expected to be at the Standdown for the entirety of the shift you register for. ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18, and no pets are allowed.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Bring a sweater or jacket, it could be chilly in your area.  Food, drinks, and a small cooler are welcome.  We do provide meals for the veterans, and if there is food leftover, service providers are welcome to partake, but there is no guarantee there will be food for you.  Plan accordingly.  Please have your area staffed at all times, including coverage for meals and breaks.  Do not leave items unattended,  please leave valuables at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

volunteer shifts & REgistration

Friday 3pm-5pm
Friday noon-3pm
Friday 0900-noon
Friday 0630-0900
Thursday 3pm-5pm
Thursday noon-3pm
Thursday 0900-noon
Thursday 0600-0900