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Official Packing Party | Sit Back and Let Us Plan Your Event

Your tax-dedcutible sponsorship covers the cost of all supplies, postage and staff time required to run your Packing Party. 


These parties can be hosted at our warehouse in Glendale, AZ (Click Here To See Our Virtual Tour: or at any location of your choice within the greater metropolitan Phoenix area– what we call a Mobile Packing Party.  


Packing Parties can be a lot of fun and are great team-building events. Mobile Packing Parties can accommodate as many people as you like (all ages) and may be held at a location of your choosing - conference rooms, outdoor spaces, and large open areas are usually great options for a Packing Party. In terms of setup, all we need from you is a clear space and a few tables for packing and displaying the items needed for the care packages. If you do not have tables, we have some available for rent that we are happy to bring with us. We will take care of everything else for the event including sourcing and bringing the items that go into the packages, postage, materials, etc. If you select this option, we do request sponsorship for the care packages that will be packed. Your tax-deductible sponsorship covers the cost of all supplies, postage, and everything else needed for your Packing Party. In terms of scheduling, each Packing Party lasts 1-2 hours. Packing Parties can be scheduled any day of the week at any time subject to our availability. We are able to fully customize your event based on your budget and projected number of attendees. Use the cost estimator below to start planning your event. When you're ready, fill out the form to get started.  

Ready to sponsor an Official Packages From Home Packing Party?
Use the form below to get the ball rolling. 

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Not Ready to Sponsor a Packing Party?

We know how expensive care package postage and items can be and we understand that not every group is able to make financial contributions in support of our troops. For groups of 8-30 (age 12+) who want to donate their time instead, we always have plenty of volunteer tasks to complete at our Packing Center during our Volunteer Workdays. Alternatively, you can start your own service project to benefit Packages From Home. 

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