Luke Air Force Base and Packages From Home Join Forces

In cooperation with Fighter Country and Luke AFB Packages From Home has assumed the duties and responsibilities of Operation Thunderbox.  Operation Thunderbox is a military service member support program. Who’s mission is to provide pre-deployment and deployment care and comfort packages to the air men and women stationed at Luke AFB.

Renewed Energy

Since 2004 PFH has been packing and sending care packages to all branches of the military.  It is this experience that has brought “Fighter Country” and Luke AFB to our door step.  Operation Thunderbox is focused upon service members stationed at Luke AFB and we are happy to “step up to the plate.” This new opportunity will allow Packages From Home to reach out and work more closely in and around the local community.  We are excited and energy levels are high anticipating serving these brave men and women of Luke AFB.


Supporting the Troops Never Ends

Most noteworthy, Packages From Home and it’s volunteers have supported our brave American military personnel for nearly 15 years.  Over those years we have experienced many changes in how we are able to continue our mission. One facet has remained consistent. The more people hear about our mission. The better we are able to support the troops.  So get our there and tell everybody you know.  Packages From Home is building and growing and we are on the job! We make it our business to help you show your support!