Basha's "Shop & Give" Program

Packages From Home is proud to be associated with Basha's “Shop & Give” (formerly “Thanks a Million”) program. You can learn more about “Shop & Give” by clicking here.

You can help Packages From Home earn up to $5,000. All you have to do is next time you are shopping at Basha's. Ask your register person if they can add a charity to your Basha's “Thank You Card.” Your checker will ask you for the charity (group) identification number (24712) and once they have punched the numbers into the register, you're done! That's it, its that easy, really! Every time you shop at Basha's Packages From Home receives a donation.

Basha's “Shop & Give” program runs through March 31st, 2009. Help Packages From Home get the word out and send this article to anyone you know who supports our troops! And, that's easy too; just click on the little envelope icon just above this article and presto done.