We here at Packages From Home would like to thank the many volunteers, Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout troops, donors and all the many organizations who have given their time and money to help with our cause.

This year has been especially challenging since we depend so heavily on financial donations and in these tough economic times it is important to remember who we are doing this for. We're not doing this for us to "feel" good, nor are we doing this to make you "feel" good, we ARE however doing this to help our brave men and women overseas in harms way to feel cared for.

I was a United States Marine for nine years and was sent overseas many times and even spent some time in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield. I can remember how it felt to get a package from home, to get some things that I couldn't get while deployed and to just know somebody was thinking about me.

I can also remember days, just sitting there feeling lonely hoping to hear from home or get a package and then "mail call" would come. "Mail call" came every day, and most days most guys wouldn't get anything, myself included and you could see the disappointment in our eyes when our names weren't called by the platoon Sergeant. And, you could see the joy in the eyes of those who did get something in "mail call".

Now over 17 years later I'm fortunate enough to be in a position that allows me the opportunity to change those feeling for the guys and gals who have so honorably answered the call to duty.

We here at Packages From Home are asking you to remember who we're doing this for and know that we really are making a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you.

We Truly Appreciate Your Support

Dear Packages From Home,
Thank you so much for supporting me and sending me a care package. Please allow me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a U.S. Marine and I've been in service for 15 years now. I'm on my 9th deployment now, but only my 2nd tour in Afghanistan. What's crazy, is that I am currently deployed to the same Base that I was deployed to during my first Afghanistan tour in 2004. It mostly looks the same, but more fortified and slightly more property than they had back then. Also, there are way more civilians out here now (almost a 1:1 ratio of military to civilians) and more coalition forces. In fact, my little work space has Officers from Denmark, Germany, Canada (French Canadian to be more specific), Korea, France, and England. I am one month into a 6-month deployment, so I'm sure there are more exciting adventures in store for me.
Since I've been in country, I've had to bunker down 3 times. There was an indirect fire attack and I spent 2 hours in a bunker at 8pm at night. The second was when attacked at 4:30am about two weeks back; and the 3rd was last week, when a suicide bomber struck. That one was the closest one to where I was located; a mere 2 blocks away. The entire building I was standing in, shook from the boom. My friend  & I had to run out of that building and find a bunker. When we ran outside, she saw the smoke from the bomb. I was too busy looking for the nearest bunker, so I didn't see the smoke. But I definitely heard the alarms going off and the loud speaker sounding, "Camp on lockdown; move to a hard shelter."
I shared the care package with everyone that works in my small office space and they all appreciated its contents.  I swear the guys out here are worse than the girls when it comes to grabbing all the treats. They always come by my work area, looking to see what others have received in care packages that they can partake in; and they'll eat almost anything! The only thing I've not seen them jump on are Vienna Sausages. So, so long as a package is not entirely Vienna Sausages, it goes like wildfire. Thanks again and we truly appreciate your support!

Good Morning Packages From Home

Good Morning Packages From Home,

I received a food package and toiletries and under garments package. Thank you very much to the patriotic citizens who didn’t forget about me in this instance. It is very hard to come by supplies sometimes and the food box hit the spot at the right time when a much needed morale and snack upgrade was definitely needed. To the families, school children, bikers and grannies it is a wonderful thing that you are taking time to show love to the people who take time out of their life to show love to their country. Being in the service is not as easy as most people may think and the continuous duty to the nation as well as the family and close friends (when we are able to see and/or communicate with them) make it difficult to along the journey at times. Thank you for this service that you do, I have given the email to a couple of people and hope that they are not to proud to use it…we run out of things very fast because of the long hours we put each day and funds aren’t available or we just can’t take a trip to a store for weeks or months. I would love to hear from you guys again it does real justice more than you can ever realize that there are people willing to help service members in need while we do what we have been bred and trained to do to protect our homeland. “Semper Fidelis”

Very Respectfully,


***Mail Call***

Good Afternoon to All, 

I would like to express how thankful I am for the care packages I’ve received. It’s the very people like you all that makes a difference in each and everyone one of us Service Members lives serving abroad. It’s truly amazing to know that the path we’ve chosen and the many challenges we face on a daily basis to take up the cost of freedom doesn’t go unnoticed. I am humbled by this organizations’ steadfast support and dedication to making us feel home away from home by the many intricate  things you all include in those packages. I hope and pray that you continue doing what you and know that the hard work you put forth too doesn’t go unnoticed. May God bless you all and bring many success to this organization as it is part of the reason we remain strong. THANKS AGAIN!!!



Respectfully Sent,

I hope all is well on your end.

Hi, I hope all is well on your end. My name is Specialist M.T. I am a soldier in SC Army National Guard. I am deployed to Afghanistan and this is my first deployment.

Thank you so much for founding such an amazing organization. I was in awe of the things that were sent. The letters were especially heart warming. It is nice to know that in a world that is dominated by technology people are still willing to sit down and write letters. Also, thanks for all the snacks that were sent. Food choices are limited so having other options is always appreciated. I shared the items that were sent with my battle buddies. They wanted me to thank you on their behalf. Please thank all the people that are involved in the care package sending process. Care Packages are the high light of our week and we are extremely appreciative.

Thanks again for your support, recognition, and contribution. You are all in our thoughts and prayers just as we are in yours.

SFC Christie E

Packages From Home,
Thank you so much for all the packages, our unit loved them.  Please thank everyone for us. They were a wonderful treat for us. We are unable to get candy and soups here and of course it is awesome to get things from Arizona! We are all homesick so it is extra special to get packages from our home state. Thanks again, we appreciate all you do.

SFC Christie E.