Ways to Donate


Donate Your Time:

Host A Donation Drive

You can organize a donation drive with your company, church, school or other group to collect items using our suggested list of items. Monetary donations can also be collected to pay mailing cost of shipping the items from the donation drive. After your drive is completed, you can have a Donation Party to gather, sort and The page is temporarily unavailable

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prepare for shipping all the donations collected. To have a Packing Party your group can come to the Packages From Home Donation Processing Center to actually pack the boxes to be shipped. If it's more convenient you can just deliver the donations to our Processing Center. Please contact us for more information.

***For the health and safety of our military, please check expiration dates prior to donating. Items donated should not expire within the 3-month period following donation.

Contact: Aaron Morrison - Operations Manager
Phone: 623.934.3274

Host A Packing Party

With people from your company, church, school or other group you can join us at the Packages From Home Donation Processing Center to prepare items for shipping, pack the items into boxes and prepare the boxes to be mailed. We can provide everything that's needed for the party just come and bring you friends. You can contact Judy Hayes for more information.

Contact: Aaron Morrison - Operations Manager
Phone: 623.934.3274

Work at a Fundraiser or Other Event

We have many fundraising and other events where anyone can volunteer to help us. On our calendar you can choose all the activities of interest to you and contact Nancy Schulte for more information.

Contact: Sarah Perry - Director of Fundraising & Communications
Phone: 623.934.3274

Organize A Letter Writing Group

As nice as it is to receive a package, letters can mean so much more with word of gratitude, encouragement, support, appreciation, care and comfort. Letters and cards from your group of friends and family (especially pictures from children), are mailed in the boxes we send to the troops. You can take your collection of letters to a Donation DropOff Location or mail them to:

Packages From Home
5643 N. 52nd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85301

Financial Planning

Did you know that Packages From Home can be named as a beneficiary in your will or trust, or on a life insurance or annuity policy. If you would like to donate a lump sum, but still need an income, let us know!!! There are many vehicles that could work for you. You can donate an IRA without paying taxes!! If you are over age 70 ½, you may donate up to $100,000 of your IRA, TAX FREE!!! You can donate appreciated items and pay no capital gains tax and you may donate appreciated items such as real estate or stock, get your deduction and avoid gains tax.


Knitting, Sewing, Crafting or Other Creative Skills

In the winter we receive request for blankets, Helmet Liners and other cold weather items. When the weather gets warm the requests change to wanting CoolTie Neck Coolers. Handmade items whether knitted, crocheted or sewed are a special way to show that our military troops are supported by us.

If craft projects are more to your liking we have instructions for beaded flag key chains, plastic canvas crosses and seasonal holiday reminders.

Here's a link for the flag key chain


Here's a link to a page with multiple cross patterns


And this link is to a page with multiple Christmas crafts with plastic canvas


Donate your completed items to us and we'll ship them to the troops. You can take you items to a Donation DropOff Location or mail them to:

Packages From Home
5643 N. 52nd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85301